How to host a safer party during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to host a safer party during the COVID-19 pandemic

Host a safer party during the COVID-19 pandemic. What could go wrong with hosting a party during this pandemic season we are living in? Are you afraid of inviting too many people and making long-term plans, thinking the plans may change along the way? Well, what if it didn’t? It would be a waste if […]

Why Bachelorette Parties May Not Be As Exciting As You Think

With a lot of bachelorette parties destinations, you could find online, it’s easy to get attracted to anything that looks promising and offers a lot of excitement. And here you are, taking the bait. Not paying much attention to the price and location, you started notifying your friends on all social media, announcing the extravagant […]

5 Hot Spots in Miami

Where are the 5 Hot Spots in Miami? There’s no question that Miami is a hot city- literally and figuratively. It is home to many top celebrities and other famous personalities. It’s no surprise since Miami is one of the top richest cities in the US where a lot of parties- club or boat / […]

4 Fun and Awesome Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette party gives the bride-to-be a night to act like a 12-year old with her friends, except liquor is involved. After all, it’s a farewell party to her maidenhood and a welcoming party for a new path that she’ll be taking. Here are 4 simple yet fun games you can play to have an unforgettable […]

Why is Miami called The 305?

here are many things Miami is proud of but the 305 area code tops the chart. Do you know why? Well, because Pitbull said so on one of his songs called the “305 Anthem”. “Hey, 305 till I die, hey, 305 till I die Hey, 305 till I die, hey, 305 till I die Hey, 305 till […]

5 Reasons to Host a Company Party

Here are 5 Good Reasons Why Host a Company Party: Bring employees together Network, socialize and get to know each other better is a must for a company’s success and healthy competition. Boost your team’s performance If you put effort into improving the relationship of your employees, they will better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, […]


Wondering what to do this Fourth of July? Look no further, because we’ve found a bunch of great places to enjoy the 2018 holiday weekend! Panama City Beach: Star Spangled Spectacular The largest fireworks display on the Gulf Coast features dueling fireworks from the city (at Russell-Fields) and county (at MBMiller) piers. Destin Harbor: Red, […]

Ultra Music Festival: One of the Best in the World

Ultra Music Festival kicked off on Friday March 24 at 4 pm and it’s going on strong till the end of the day this Sunday, March 26. The Festival took over the city of Miami and has another record breaking crowd since 2016 when over 165,000 people attended. Even if you are not a big […]

10 Reasons Why Boating in Miami Rocks!

Boating in Miami is one of the main attractions of this beautiful city. Most of us work so hard for so long to finally be able to enjoy some vacation days. However, we are still planning expensive vacations across the globe before learning about the amazing opportunities that are right next to us. So here […]

25 Things You Should Know About Miami!

Despite what Will Smith would have you believe, there’s more to Miami than just nightclubs and beaches. Read on for more about the city’s rich history. 1. The city of Miami gets its name from one of the native tribes that lived in the region in the 1600 and 1700s, the Mayaimi,. 2. It officially became a city in 1896 after local […]


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